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Prevent Electrical Hazards with Professional Installation of Your Southaven Switches and Outlets

[molo-vcard spec=In a 2011 report on electrical safety published by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFi), the number of electrical fatalities declined by more than 50% for the 1992-2010 period. This is undoubtedly good news, but the battle is far from over.

In fact, ESFi says that everyday, there are approximately 7 children who suffer from electrical shock and related injuries because of tampering with switches and outlets. As if this is not alarming enough, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that 70% of these cases occur even with adult supervision. In this times, we need to consider the importance of professionally installed switches and outlets in the safety of your household.

From Replacement to Installation of Switches and Outlets in Southaven

A cost-effective way in protecting your home against electrical hazards is through the proper installation of switches, outlets and receptacles in the house. As simple as it may seem, this actually requires expert knowledge related to proper insulation, grounding, guarding, and other methods for safety.

Insulating materials such as glass or rubber are installed to decrease or stop the flow of electricity. In grounding, an electrical system is connected to the ground so the earth can neutralize the current that has leaked from the source. In guarding, protective devices and caps cover the outlets and receptacles to prevent accidental contact with their live parts.
Countless DIY videos and articles can be accessed freely on the Internet, but if you have limited knowledge of electrical systems, it is best to entrust the job to the professionals.

Protect Your Home with Professionally Installed Southaven MS Switches and Outlets

Our Southaven electricians are licensed individuals whose expertise lies in both residential and commercial types of electrical systems. They have gone through years of comprehensive training and education. Therefore, not only do they possess intensive knowledge of plugs and sockets, but they also have extensive experience in the field.

Unlike inexperienced DIYers, our professionals always attack an installation project in a systematic and scientific way. They study the blueprint of the house, and then create a plan tailored to the project. This plan can accomplish by fixing simple to complex electrical problems, provide additional electrical plugs and sockets or transfer existing ones to other areas.

All of these are done following good working practices and safety standards. Aside from that, our electricians also have the right tools that can make their work quicker and easier.

However, not all electricians (or companies offering electrical services) are created equal. While all of them promise the best services and offers, only a few actually keep this promise. So to ensure that you hire the right Southaven electrician, take your time in the selection process. Aside from checking for certifications and license, go over the electrician’s background and read consumer reviews.

Among the providers of electrical services, Midsouth Electrical Solutions has consistently received a 5-star rating in the following criteria – reliability, cost, customer service, and quality of service. For installation or replacement of your plugs and sockets, get in touch with Midsouth Electrical Solutions today.